Welcome to the Savannah GA Real Estate Guide to Buying a Home!

We have a totally innovative way to buy Savannah GA real estate.  Traditional house hunting works like this:

  • You start looking at homes online
  • You make a note of the ones that look nice and you go drive by them.
  • You might decide that you don’t like the area, or the houses are too close together, or it’s too close to the main road. So now you’ve wasted time and gas money.
  • Or you like it so you call the number on the For Sale sign.  The agent makes an appointment to show you the house but once you get inside you realize the rooms are tiny, or it’s very dark inside.  So again, you’ve wasted time and gas going to see a house that won’t meet your needs.

Buying Savannah GA real estate has worked this way for years and years.  What if there were a better way?

There is!  It’s called Virtual Reality House Hunting.  Here’s how WE do it:

  • You hire us (at ZERO COST) to help you find your next home.
  • We send you lists of homes that seem like good fits for your requirements. You tell us which ones you’re interested in seeing.
  • WE go to the house and take a 360° video of the entire house, inside and out.  We send you the link when it’s ready to view.
  • You watch the video on your phone, on your computer, OR while wearing VR goggles like these.

  • Then you let us know if the house is worth seeing in person.  If not, you only spent 5-10 minutes watching the video.  And if you do like it, only then do you need to get in the car and drive over to see it.

Imagine if you saw 10-15 videos of your favorite homes but only had to go see a few in person? How much time would that save you?  How many weekends would you be able to spend at the beach, or at soccer games, instead of dragging the kids to five houses that you didn’t like enough to pursue?

Don’t take our word for it!  See what our clients have to say about our way of buying Savannah GA real estate.

I was moving from Southern California to Savannah as part of a job relocation. Since I only had one weekend to look at houses in person, Karin offered to look at all the houses I was interested in, before I arrived. I sent her a list of 15 different houses, and she went and looked at each one for me, while providing a 360 degree video of each. It allowed me to view each house and get a true virtual tour unlike what you see on most real estate websites. With just the click of a mouse, I could pan the room from floor to ceiling or from left to right. It allowed me to very easily eliminate 75% of the houses, without ever actually stepping foot inside. – Bobby

My husband and I just finalized the purchase of our first home in the Pooler/Savannah area and we could not be happier!  Karin made purchasing our first home an easy and exciting process. She was in constant contact and made us aware of any new homes that met our criteria. Karin took the extra steps to go above and beyond to make sure our purchase was stress-free . Karin was extremely professional and we would highly recommend Karin to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell their home. – Brent and Jenna

Want to see a sample?  This is a typical video that we can take for you.  Notice that this is NOT a slideshow of photos that the listing agent might put out there on Youtube.  This is not a video where you only see the good points of the house.  We stand out front and let you see what’s across the street, if there are power lines nearby, what’s behind the house.  We take you through the house so you can see the layout, room sizes, how the house flows.

And the best part?  THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS SERVICE.  When you hire us to represent you, this is part of what we do for you.  Our buyer representation services do not cost you a penny.

This is so revolutionary that our own Karin Carr was recently interviewed by Fox News in Savannah.  Check out her interview about this new way of buying Savannah GA real estate!


Is this only for buyers who are moving to Savannah and wish to buy Savannah GA Real Estate?

No. It’s for any client who wants to save time and gas money.

Do I need special equipment to watch the videos?

All you need is either a computer or a smart phone.  We’ll give you the VR goggles but they are not necessary – they’re just fun!

Is this program for people who want to buy a house sight unseen?

I’ve only had ONE client who ever bought a property from a video.  She was moving to GA from CA and wrote the offer based on the video. She didn’t see the property in person until closing day! So it’s possible to do this, but not common.

How can this be free? What’s the catch?

When a seller decides to sell their home, they pay their real estate agent, who then pays the buyer’s agent’s fee.  So we are compensated at the closing table by the seller’s agent when our clients buy Savannah GA real estate.  We have to go see these homes anyway, either alone or with the client.  The extra step of filming the house and uploading the video is worth saving our clients time.

Is anyone else offering this service?

I am the only Realtor using the Savvy Homes Portal in Savannah.  There are a handful of other agents nationwide who are also embracing this technology.  If you need to move somewhere outside of Savannah feel free to ask for a recommendation.

Are there any requirements for the buyers?

Yes, a few. In order for us to assist you we will have you hire us by signing an exclusive right to represent you.  You cannot work with another Realtor to look at houses.  You must be willing to get preapproved for a mortgage (or provide proof of funds if paying cash for a house.)  That’s it!

So whether you’re looking to buy a home in Pooler, Effingham, Richmond Hill, or Savannah, let us make your life easier!  The Savannah GA real estate market is a buyer’s market, which means there are a lot of homes for sale. Do you REALLY want to drive all over the city to see them all?  Why not let us bring the homes to you?

Enroll in ourSavannah GA real estate buyer’s program and receive a complimentary set of Virtual Reality goggles for viewing your home tours!

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About the Author: The Savannah GA Real Estate Guide To Buying a Home was written by Karin Carr, an authority on Savannah area real estate and a leader in the field of real estate blogging and vlogging.  Karin has helped literally helped hundreds of families buy and sell homes since 2005. 

Looking to buy Savannah GA real estate?  Get a free demo of our virtual reality home buying program.  It’s free of charge and will save you a ton of time and gas money!

Looking to sell?  I use the latest technology to get my clients’ homes sold quickly and for as much money as possible. 

I help people buy and sell real estate in the following Savannah areas:  Rincon, Guyton, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Savannah, and the islands.

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