Do you even NEED a real estate website?

I’ve been an Easy Agent Pro user since 2016. This is my totally unbiased review from literally years of using their product, and why I feel it’s one of the best real estate websites on the market.

Now, before you go fill out all the forms on this site, READ THIS!

I have a team of agents and ISA’s that follow up on all our leads. When you fill out a form it is automatically routed to an inside sales associate to follow up. It costs me money and time to follow up with agents who are not leads for us. So PLEASE don’t fill out the forms “just to see how it works.” 

Now that that’s over with, back to the review.

I originally used the web site my brokerage provided to the agents. It wasn’t one of the best real estate web sites but it looked pretty enough and I felt super professional. Like, yeah baby! I have a web site! That’s right, I’m totally legit.

But how many leads did I get from it? Maybe one or two a year.  A YEAR.

Then in 2015 I Googled “how to get real estate leads on Facebook” and found the Easy Agent Pro blog. And my life seriously changed. Not kidding.

I bought a different web site from a competitor that was cheaper. Yes, I cheaped out. I admit it. I did everything they said to do in their blogs and videos but I got no leads. Again, the site looked pretty but it wasn’t ranking in search engines, so after seven months I finally caved in and got an EAP web site.

So sit back and let me tell you all the reasons why EAP has one of the best real estate web sites I’ve ever seen, and why YOU should consider them.

Why Agents Need the Best Real Estate Agent Web Sites

Because where do 99.98% of consumers start their real estate search in the year 2022 and beyond?
Yes, online. If you think they’re waiting for your Just Sold postcard to arrive on the first of every month…
Bless your heart gif

You need a great REALTOR web site to create a marketing funnel that collects leads for you on autopilot, while you’re sleeping, working, or on vacation. The leads come in, they get followed up with in a timely fashion, and they go into your database so you can talk to them!

Don’t believe me? How did you end up on this page? You saw me somewhere online, you came to this page, and maybe you’ll even fill out the Contact Me form. If it works for you as the consumer, it will work for you as the marketer/real estate pro that you are.

How to Get Real Estate Leads

It’s not as simple as, “Look ma, I have a killer new real estate web site! Now I will sit back and let the leads roll in as I count my money.”

In my opinion, sales funnels are where it’s at. Let’s see an example in real life.

Step 1: Figure out what your audience wants. If they’re thinking of moving to your area why not offer them a relocation guide?

Savannah Relocation Guide

You have to drive traffic to your web site for them to see this guide, so why not make a YouTube video or write a great blog post? (These both show up in Google search results if you do them right.)

Then when they decide to download it they see a form like this:

Sample contact form that prospects fill out

After they do, the CRM emails them the document and starts them on a follow up sequence of texts and emails.

And I get the magical email that looks like this:

An actual lead Karin received

This works SO WELL that my team now gets over 100 organic leads a month. Without spending any money on ads.


Leads from March 2021

And THIS right here, my friends, THIS is why EAP is one of the best real estate web sites. Because it’s basically free, right? If I spend $1 and make $10 back, then it essentially costs me nothing. It makes me money.

Want to see my video review? Watch it here:

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This is my affiliate link. If you choose to give them a try EAP was kind enough to offer my followers a bunch of cool upgrades and discounts, such as:

1) $99 for 3 months (then it goes to the regular price)
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If you still have questions please email me at [email protected].

All I ask is that if you DO sign up with them, do me a favor and say that I referred you.  Let them know how much I sing their praises. It makes us all happy. 😁

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Full disclosure – they give me a discount off my next month’s hosting charge every time someone uses my affiliate code to sign up.  So while I’m not making money, I am saving money and that’s just as good in my book! Thanks for supporting this site.