So you’re thinking of moving to Savannah and you want to know the best places to see in Savannah, GA…

First of all, welcome! I love it here and have never regretted our decision to relocate here… except occasionally in August when the humidity is 99% and it’s 102 degrees out.

But then I remember that I live by the beach and all is forgiven. 🤣 Or I grab a pound of freshly caught shrimp for half the price of what it is at the grocery store and whip up some killer shrimp ‘n grits for dinner!

The GCH Team specializes in helping people relocate to the area, buf if you are not certain you’re moving here yet, or if you’re not coming for a few years, then it’s simply too early to start looking at homes for sale with a Realtor®.

As much as we love to look at homes, if you don’t even know if you’re moving here this it’s just too early. And it’s a waste of YOUR time since none of those homes will still be available when you’re ready to move.

However, there are plenty of places to see in Savannah GA that will hopefully help you decide if this could be the place for you! Consider it move like a reconnaissance mission. Your job is to look at the area with a critical eye and evaluate things like:

  • Cost of living
  • Home prices
  • Activities and things to do
  • Shopping/dining
  • Location of hospitals and health care
  • Proximity to the airport
  • Proximity to your kids/grandkids/other family members

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous a particular house is if you don’t like the neighborhood, right?

So to help you on your fact finding mission we’ve put together this custom map to help you evaluate the area. Not simply individual houses, but the suburbs, the historic district, the beach towns. We’ve broken it down into three days worth of places to see. This way you can have fun visiting all the cool places to see in Savannah GA and make a vacation out of it while also trying to determine if you could see yourself living here.

Since you’ll be here looking around the area, we’ve suggested a few things to do, places to go, great restaurants, tours, and things to see that hopefully you’ll enjoy. I’ve thrown in some neighborhoods to drive around if you’re specifically interested in housing.

We’ve made this a 3-day plan so that you won’t be in the car for 8 hours straight. This is not a tour for visitors looking to be entertained, who just want to find the best places to see in Savannah GA. This was created specifically for people considering moving to Savannah.

On Day 1 you can tour Tybee Island and the other islands.

On Day 2 you’ll spend your time in Savannah itself.

For Day 3 we’ll have you see the west side suburbs.

And if you decide that this is definitely the place you can see yourself calling home, we are here to assist with your relocation and make the move as smooth and easy as possible.

Wishing you all the best with your potential move to Savannah!

Karin Carr
The GCH Team with Real Broker LLC
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