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People always dream of having their happy endings. While most are in love with the hustle and bustle of city life, the true happiness of a person lies in the peace they find in their lives. Having your own safe haven is always the plotline end of every fairytale, especially if it’s with something you share with your loved ones.

In real life, safe havens are not always in the most extravagant mansions or dreamy castles. However, just like in the romcom movies, sometimes, our happy endings can be found in the suburbs. This is exactly the beautiful advantage that living in Lost Plantation can give you: the home of your dreams in a peaceful community.

Where Exactly is Lost Plantation?

Lost Plantation is located in Rincon, Georgia. Rincon is found in the southeast part of Effingham Country, Georgia and was considered a city only in 1927. From a mere railroad and depot, Rincon developed in a city that’s known for being “just around the corner from everywhere you want to be.” It has a small population of just a little over 10,000 people, which makes it a peaceful place to live in. 

Currently, Rincon is known to be one of the best places to live in the United States, ranking 61 out of 164 in the suburbs with the lowest living cost in Georgia. It also ranks 65 out of 164 in the suburbs with the best public schools in Georgia. Besides this, Rincon also offers good opportunities for starting a family, job opportunities, diversity, and health and fitness.

What Lost Plantation is Best Known For

Lost Plantation in Rincon, Georgia is a small, homey community that continues to grow over the years because of its inviting ambiance. However, it is renowned for its many amenities, particularly the abundance of golf courses in the area. This is why Lost Plantation is best known for its Lost Plantation Golf Course.

Lost Plantation Golf Course

Lost Plantation’s golf course is held up until today by Lost Plantation Golf Club. It is popular for being a Joe Lee designed Championship with 18 holes stretched out across a 6,800 yard. Unique because of its dense tree lined holes found in the front and back nines, it is truly a golfer’s paradise. 

It is also highly recommended by locals and tourists in Lost Plantation alike because of the staff being the most hospitable people, making you feel at home. Compared to other golf courses, Lost Plantation’s very own offers affordable rates starting at $25 only. Since most people who frequent here are also long-time golfers, you can expect to find friends in the sea of people.

Advantages of Living in Lost Plantation

Apart from being known for its sprawling greens, Lost Plantation is also a premier residential community full of recreational spots, beautiful views, and nature’s gift to mankind with over a hundred acres of woodland and greeneries. Here are more reasons why you should consider living in Lost Plantation:

Close to everything you need

Since Lost Plantation is found at the heart of Rincon, you can easily go to Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. Here, you can do your typical city things like shopping, wining and dining, getting medical consultations, and finding the best schools. 

Healthier lifestyle

Since Lost Plantation is nature everywhere you look, you will be more motivated to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you eat healthier, but you will also be encouraged to exercise. With amenities such as its famous golf course, you would be pumped to try out recreational activities that help you stay fit! It also features luxuries such as swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, and parks and playgrounds.

Friendly community

Lost Plantation, being a small community, is a close-knit neighborhood. There are many opportunities to meet life-long friends and reliable neighbors that you can count on for many years to come. This also allows you to be reassured of a well-rounded community for your child to grow into. 


Compared to the city, availing a house in suburban Lost Plantation is also highly cheaper. Apart from having many lots available, you can also find better housing opportunities wherein you can live in a two-bedroom house with parking and utilities. This can help you save up for more important things! 


If you have kids or you’re planning to have kids in the near future, the suburb feel of Lost Plantation is for you. Lost Plantation, which is found in Rincon, is situated in the Effingham County School District. This area also offers a lot of schools that your children will thrive in. Being in a small community means kids also have more time to balance their school and social life with trusted peers they can grow up with.

From humble beginnings, your children may be set for the brightest future. Don’t forget to check out schools beforehand to determine the right one for your child. 

Contradictory to its name, Lost Plantation is where you will find everything you need in life. Nature, peace, education, and health are some of its best qualities—but there are more things for you to discover in store! With the lovely ambiance of the community and the opportunities for you in its serene suburbs, what are you waiting for? 

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