As Realtors® we know you look to us for advice and have questions about the best neighborhoods, where the best schools are, which areas are safest, etc. BUT it is against the law for us to answer certain questions or give advice that would put our licenses in jeopardy. The Fair Housing Act has very strict rules about guiding someone according to race, religion, gender, familial status, national origin, and more.

Here is Nicole’s 60 second video on the Fair Housing Act and how it affects us. She tells you why we can’t tell you what you want to hear, as well as how you can help us not get fined.

But that’s not to say we can’t tell you where to find the information you need! The Fair Housing Act’s purpose is to prevent discrimination against consumers and we wholeheartedly support that mission. But we also realize that you want to make the best decision when choosing a home, especially when it’s in a new area. So we’ve put together our favorite web sites to help you do that.

Typewriter showing Fair Housing Act on the paper

Here are our favorite resources for living the in Savannah area: (crime map) (Bryan County schools) (Chatham County schools) (Effingham County schools) (school data) (flood map Chatham county) (livability, cost of living, and demographics data)

Remember, the Fair Housing Act is there to ensure that you be able to buy a home and NOT have your gender, race, religion, or national origin be a deciding factor.

The Georgia Coast Homes Team is committed to Fair Housing, and we are an equal opportunity company.