Living in Savannah GA – What I LOVE and what I HATE

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on July 10, 2018

Video Transcription:

Today I’m going to tell you the five things I love and the five things I hate about living in Savannah Georgia and we are starting right now.

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog I’m Karin Carr with Georgia Coast Homes and Keller Williams in Savannah Georgia.

I’m gonna talk about five reasons I love living here and five things I’m not so excited about living here so let’s get started let’s start with the bad ones first:

living in savannah

Number one, the heat there’s no way that like pussyfoot around this issue July and August are similarly hot it’s just how it is luckily there’s this beautiful invention called air conditioning so everyone spends the time in their air-conditioned house they get in their air-conditioned car they go to their air-conditioned office and the minute they get home from work they need to go to the pool or the beach so if it’s only for two months of the year it’s tolerable.

living in savannah

Number two, the humidity so my hair looks like this because I have not yet like left the house. Once I go outside I will look like “Roseanne Roseannadanna” so hair goes up in a bun yes. If you are someone who whose hair does not love humidity you’re going to become very very familiar with pulling your hair back in a ponytail or a bun or hats again it’s only during the real heat of the summer I figure if it’s glorious the rest of the year I could tolerate it for a couple of months.

bugs in savannah ga

Number three, the bugs so we are in a subtropical climate which means we get some pretty scary-looking bugs here gnats in particular they are the tiniest little flies they’re also called no-see-ums you pretty much can barely see them there barely visible to the naked eye but they bite you like mosquitoes. They’re not fun depending on what area you live in if you are closer to the water you’re gonna have a lot more gnats so you’re gonna have to load up on bug spray there’s something called no gnats that they sell at all of the gas stations that is an all-natural spray so get some no gnats get some bug spray citronella Avon Skin So Soft anything that’s real good and stinky that can deter the bugs.

We also have these things that I like to call palmetto bugs essentially they are giant cockroaches they don’t come in your house because your house is dirty they just are here because it’s a hot, hot humid climate. So if you live in Savannah most people realize the need to have a pest control service and we have somebody come once every three months spray the outside of the house that does the trick we don’t end up with having palmetto bugs or spiders so yeah just something you got to deal with living in the south.

bryan street parking garage, savannah

Number four is parking downtown oh it’s hard to park downtown and nothing is free anymore so if you’re lucky enough to find a parking spot at the curb you always have to pay for it unless it’s on a Sunday. Sunday’s are free or you have to go park in a parking garage so sometimes when you’re gonna go out to dinner it can be a bit of a challenge to find parking. There’s a great app that you can download to your phone where you can find a parking spot pay for it on the app on your phone so you don’t have to carry quarters with you and you don’t have to pay with a credit card at the meter itself you just type all your information into the application and you say I am in parking spot 1 2 3 4 5 boom here’s 10 bucks and then you’re done with it.

flooded house

Number five of the things that I don’t love about living in Savannah is the need for flood insurance. We live in a hurricane prone area not a lot it’s not like living in New Orleans or the Gulf Coast of Florida but Savannah. We do get some hurricanes we’ve only had a couple in the last 20 years but when they come, anybody who lives close to a body of water may need to have additional flood insurance on their home. If you’re going to be moving to Savannah and you’re buying a house or you’re even renting a house this I’m gonna link this down below it’s called

If you are in Chatham County you put in the street address of the house that you are considering and it will tell you which flood zone is does–in if it is in an X’s zone it’s very low risk it does not require flood insurance and if you’re buying a house in an A or a B zone your lender is going to require that you get flood insurance. If you’re getting a mortgage so just something to keep in mind if you’re gonna be buying a house and it isn’t a flood zone that’s going to be added on to the cost of your monthly mortgage payments so you kind of have to adjust your budget accordingly.

So now let’s move on to the five things that I love about living in Savannah:

cobblestone street

Number one has to be the architecture I love walking around downtown these buildings are so old I mean you’re walking around buildings that can be two-three hundred years old on a cobblestone street they just has so much charm and so much architectural history. I love it! I love to walk around downtown and see the squares and the trees that are dripping with Spanish moss looking out over the river it’s pretty scenic and it’s just it’s gorgeous.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Number two, Savannah is a very artsy town because we have the Savannah College of Art and Design also called SCAD there are a ton of students here and their art students so they are artsy I like that even though we are in the south which is in general a fairly conservative area we’ve got this really artsy cool hip fun downtown area thanks to all of the college students there are lots of events going on that are sponsored by SCAD there are festivals all the time tons of great restaurants it’s just a really cool place to go and hang out whether you’re just coming down for dinner or spending the day on or if you live downtown all the time.

beach in tybee island

Number three, I bet you thought this is gonna be number one, didn’t you? it’s the beach. I love the beach I’m not gonna lie I ride a mean boogie board all the kids are completely mortified by the fact that I’m out there showing him up on my boogie board but I love the beach and Tybee is only what 15-20 minutes away from downtown it’s really easy to just say hey let’s go to the beach for the day hit the road go over to Tybee spend the day either soaking up the Sun or out surfing in the waves leave everything on the sand and hit one of the restaurants to go get some lunch or going all the little knick-knack eShops and by the the touristy stuff of seashells and pails and shovels and t-shirts and stuff but I love living in a beach community that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to go for the day.

shrimp and grits Low Country boil

Number four is seafood so you already know that I am a huge lover of shrimp and grits Low Country boil – that’s going to be a future video Low Country boil so we’ve got a million restaurants around that have killer seafood if you’ve never had the pleasure of trying Georgia white shrimp you need to right now.

affordable house in savannah

Number five reason that I love living in Savannah is it is affordable. I’ve moved a lot in my life I’ve lived in nine different states I have lived in New York and San Francisco I’ve lived in Salt Lake City I’ve lived in Georgia I’ve lived in New Jersey Pennsylvania Connecticut I’ve lived all over the place so I’ve gotten to experience a lot of different areas over the course of my life. What I love about living in Savannah is it’s really affordable you are in a city so you’re not like in the middle of nowhere where you feel like you don’t have anything to do or you’ve got to drive for hours to go to the mall because you need to buy a dress for your best friend’s wedding we are a city.

It’s a small city and we’ve got more suburbs than city. I would say so there’s a really diverse living environment here do you want to live in a little cottage by the ocean do you want to live in a brownstone downtown you can walk everywhere do you want to live in a big fancy gated community and never have to deal with solicitors because they can’t get into your neighborhood do you want to live in the suburb where you get a nice big backyard and kids and dogs can run around and you feel safe letting your kids run up and down the street because you’re not worried that they’re gonna get hit by your car we’ve got.

All these different areas in Savannah and they’re all really affordable even if you bought a mansion on the beach I guarantee you it’s gonna cost a lot less than it would in Fort Lauderdale or Miami or San Diego or any of these other places where it’s just a total pipe dream. You can buy a condo on Tybee that faces the ocean for probably two or three hundred thousand dollars it won’t be a mansion it won’t be huge but it’s definitely affordable so now you know all the reasons that I love Savannah and a few things that are not perfect about Savannah but come on every place has its pros and cons.

Are you thinking of moving to Savannah if you click here you can head on over to my website and search for all of the homes that are currently for sale in your own price range I promise I’m not gonna bug you and hound you do you just let me know if there’s anything that I can assist you with thank you so much for visiting my blog and we’ll see you on the next one.


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