Selling Your Home? Take These 3 Steps To An Irresistible Garage

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on September 29, 2022

It’s normal to want to reduce your load as you prepare to move. Unfortunately, the majority of your extra possessions end up in the garage along with all the other stuff you’ve left out there over the years, whether they are waiting to be put up for sale, given away, donated, or stored.

It’s similar to a huge junk drawer, and anyone who views your home while it’s on the market will be able to see it. It’s unfortunate that, despite the abundance of tips for staging a house for sale, few professionals advise staging the garage.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) released a study about home buyers and what they look for in a new residence a few years ago. Around 60 percent of them wanted a garage, and 86% said it was either desirable or necessary to have one with storage.

We have a few suggestions for you if you’re prepared to clean out that enormous junk drawer.

3 Steps To An Irresistible Garage

1. Take it all out

Yes, move everything into the driveway after removing it everything from the garage. You now have a brand-new canvas on which to do your magic.

Now that the house is clean, you’ll need to clean the garage, which is a completely different task. Depending on how your garage was being used, you’ll require particular equipment and supplies. If it has been used for storage, your task will be made easier. On the other hand, your work is cut out for you if you regularly worked on car repairs or woodworking projects in the garage.

The best place to start is by giving the walls and floor a good sweep, followed by a power wash. You might need to use a scraper to get the paint splatters or other things that are still on the surface after washing.

If there is any remaining oil or grease, use a concrete cleaner and a deck brush to clean the surface clean.

Selling Your Home? Take These 3 Steps To An Irresistible Garage

2. Spray some paint around.

After the floor has had enough time to dry, it is time to finish the floor and then paint the walls. The use of paint with a semi-gloss sheen is recommended for the walls, and an epoxy floor treatment will assist in making the floor appear clean. The gentlemen who work at This Old House argue that covering the floor is a straightforward do-it-yourself project, and they provide instructions for it on their website.

3. Squeeze everything back in

While everything is drying, take some time to plan how you will arrange the things that you will be going to bring back into the garage when you get there. Plan everything out on paper, whether it requires constructing or purchasing shelves, plastic bins, pegboard on which to hang things, or any mix of these three options.

Visit,, and for helpful hints and suggestions.

Next, carry in only the things that you will actually require prior to making the shift. You should get everything organized according to your strategy, and then either put the remaining items in storage, throw them away, sell them, or donate them.

There is always that one guy in the neighborhood whose garage is always spotless to the point that it seems as if you could eat right off the floor. You should be able to say that you are that person (or gal!) by the moment you are done.

Congratulations! You may now brag to your neighbors about having the most attractive garage in the area.

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