Dreaming Of A Gourmet Kitchen?

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on September 29, 2022

If you ask most architects to characterize a gourmet kitchen, you’ll probably get something like this:

A gourmet kitchen is described as “… a cutting-edge culinary setup outfitted with a wide range of specific facilities, tools, and accessories that enable you to cook gourmet, exotic, and specialty cuisine from scratch within your own kitchen.” (casedesign.com)

Property developers, on the other hand, consider a gourmet kitchen to be a “… casual type of a high-end kitchen, intended for a serious chef who wants to prepare quality food for the household and impress house guests with sophisticated meals, but who does not require all the specialized tools that a chef’s kitchen requires.”

In any case, if a gourmet kitchen is the thing of your dreams, keep reading.

Things to consider prior to making a decision

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out the amount of money you can spend on the project. This is a longer procedure than it appears, especially once you start collecting quotes from contractors.

It’s amazing how much we undervalue the expense of our dreams.

Consider your present overall kitchen design if you want a low-cost makeover. It is not worthwhile to add a few high-priced things to a low-priced kitchen renovation, as this will make the remainder of the kitchen appear cheap.

The professionals at designingidea.com have provided a few suggestions.

  • Consider what appliances you use the most and what you prefer.
  • Are you a lone cook or do you cook with a partner? If it’s the latter, you should think about making space for both of you.
  • If you entertain guests in the kitchen while cooking, traffic flow must also be addressed. Consider installing a center island with seating.
  • What kind of specialized kitchen equipment do you use? Some professional immersion blenders, for example, are designed like jackhammers and will need a location to be stored in the kitchen.
  • How much space will you require for a pantry? This, of course, is based on the type of meal you prepare.
  • Determine the flow of the room. You’ll need to consider how you prepare, how you navigate from one location to another, and which spaces must be next to the sink, stove, and so on.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to determine whether the project will have an impact on the value of your home. There’s such a thing as “over-improving” for the area, and it’s money you’ll never get back.

We are happy to collaborate with you to determine a ballpark number for what your property will be valued when the work is completed and whether the project is worthwhile in terms of home value.

Dreaming Of A Gourmet Kitchen?

Will you use those features?

It’s oh-so-simple to be reading a magazine about homes and fall profoundly, overwhelmingly in love with the pictures. Even though certain features seem enticing, you must decide if they will be useful to you.

Consider a wine cooler, for example. It is pretty pointless and a space eater if you or your visitors don’t consume much wine.

The editors of HGTV.com advise, “Before you start your renovation project, seriously assess how you utilize your present kitchen and set targets for your remodel.” Examine your current kitchen to see what doesn’t work for you and what could be replaced.

Next, consider whether or not you’ll actually use the features you’re lusting over.

Gourmet Kitchen Hot Trends

Despite becoming a must-have in a gourmet kitchen, twin ovens remain popular. How frequently do you wish you could prepare more than two dishes at once?

Yes, the Wolf stove is still a common sight in an American gourmet kitchen. However, it is not the only high-end collection. Every year, Viking and Miele professional-style ranges attract devotees, and 2022 is no exception.

According to the experts at kitchendesignpartner.com, “dual-fuel ranges are popular with professional cooks – gas for high heat and electric burner(s) for chores needing lower heat.”

How to Avoid Spending Too Much Money

Many people desire custom cabinets and furnishings, but some cannot afford them. Consider semi-custom cabinets, which offer many of the same features at a reduced cost. Look into stock cabinet choices to save costs even further. They provide more choices than ever before.

The cabinets will account for around half of the usual kitchen remodel budget. With that in mind, it’s critical to purchase cabinets that work for you and keep you satisfied, because you’re unlikely to change them again.

You should also make certain that the cabinets meet industry performance and quality standards. The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) rigorously examines cabinets and certifies those that pass with a blue and white seal seen on the inside of the sink base cabinet.

Furthermore, take into account that not all gourmet kitchen designs necessitate a total kitchen renovation. Some changes can be completed without the assistance of a kitchen contractor, depending on the qualities you desire.

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