Open House? How To Prepare Your Home For The Big Day

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on September 29, 2022

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the open house has been a part of home sales for more than a century (NAR).

Open houses are still used by many real estate brokers today, but they aren’t as popular as they used to be. We have the internet to thank for that. Many homebuyers choose which properties to view online rather than driving around and attending open houses on the weekends’ thanks to the availability of video tours, virtual tours, and 3-D floor plans.

The NAR does an annual survey called Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends. When asked about the first step they took when buying a home, hardly 2% of respondents said they went to an open house.

Only 4% of homebuyers bought a home they discovered with a “yard/open house” sign, despite the fact that more than 50 percent of them discovered the home they ultimately bought online.

But in a shifting market, an open house might be the key to selling your house. Let’s look at some ways to get your house ready for the big day.

Let people know

Yes, your real estate agent will publicize your open house, but who better than you to spread the word among your neighbors? Make sure you stop by and invite them to the open house.

Have them think about who they know who might be interested in the area, and encourage them to bring them to the open house.

Remember not to overlook the people with whom you work. Request some flyers from your real estate agent, then distribute them at work.

Open House? How To Prepare Your Home For The Big Day - Karin Carr

The pets

During the open house, finding a place for your pets to go is the best thing you can do for them. If you are unable to bring them with you when you leave for the day, would it be possible for you to leave them at the residence of a member of your family or a close friend? In that case, how about a trip to the groomer or doggie daycare?

Remove everything that reminds you of the pets, like crates, bowls, and toys, and fix anything that needs to be fixed.

Secure what’s needed

Most people who attend open houses are sincere, according to our research. However, there are sporadic exceptions. Because of this, it’s crucial to lock up some things in the house, including valuables, prescription drugs, and weapons.

The best way to ensure that they are secure is to take these items off-site.

Never leave any financial information in plain sight or in drawers, unless a drawer can be locked, including bank records, investment information, monthly checks, credit, or other bank information.

Hire someone to do it or do it yourself, but get it done.

Organize your home. The hardest part of selling a house is probably keeping it tidy, but getting it ready for an open house is crucial.

Here, cleaning thoroughly is the goal rather than simply keeping the house tidy. A system should be created, and the one we like begins at the front door, as recommended by professional house cleaners frequently. Then, depending on your preference, proceed around the house from right to left or left to right.

Cleaning should be done from top to bottom, from the ceiling to the floor, as you make your way through the house. This ensures that you cover all the bases, including the corners of the ceiling and walls, the trim, and the ceiling and wall fixtures.

You should then concentrate on the garage. Although people clamor for a garage with obvious storage options, a two-car garage is in high demand among homebuyers.

Clean up and organize the area, then draw attention to any storage possibilities it may have.

Your home has the opportunity to attract local homebuyers’ attention during the open house. For a quick sale, make sure it puts its best “foot” forward.

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