Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom “Remodel” On A Dime

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on October 2, 2022

Envy of large bathrooms. It’s prevalent in tiny houses with cramped facilities, and most people feel bound with what they currently have.

The truth is that there are numerous remodeling/redecorating options that may make a small bathroom seem and appear bigger than it is, and they don’t require a single extra foot of space.

Follow these suggestions to begin to live great with a bathroom layout that may appear modest otherwise.

Deceive the eyes

A few simple ways can raise your ceilings so they fly and make your space appear larger.

Look up. See where the walls and ceiling converge? In some areas, you might want to put some wood molding, tiling, or even wallpaper borders. Make sure the product you select is uncomplicated and thin.

“Wide, contrasting, and decorative molding will shrink a room with low ceilings.” “Thin, color-matched, and basic molding will merge the walls into the ceiling in a seamless transition and make a space look bigger,” experts advise.

The molding should be painted the same color as the ceiling, they further advise.

Here’s another suggestion: Two mirrors opposite each other will fool the eyes into thinking the restroom is larger than it is. Alternatively, you might add to the illusion by installing a giant mirror along one of the bathroom’s longest walls.

According to Sophie Warren-Smith of, “Decorating with mirrors is a requirement for making a small bathroom look bigger.”

Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom “Remodel” On A Dime

The color

When decorating a tiny space, soft color palettes are perfect for creating a sense of more space. Cool colors should be utilized on the walls, trim, and doors since they reflect better light than warmer hues.

The editors of advise keeping with hues that have been approved by designers, such as:

  • White
  • Creme
  • Pastel Blue
  • Gray

Then, brighten the floor to give the impression that the bathroom is larger and airier. If you currently lack the funds to replace your flooring, think about utilizing a light-colored carpet to achieve a similar result.

Sometimes, less really is more

Take it easy with the window coverings. As a general guideline, allow as much natural light as you can while designing a small bathroom.

Take into consideration doing away with all window coverings. According to Paige Bennett at, “natural light makes even the tiniest bathroom feel larger.” “Install frosted glass windows for more seclusion without reducing light,” she advises.

Even more light will enter the space if you add a solar tube or small skylight if you have the money for it.

Remove the clutter

Even a modest amount of clutter in a confined place can make the room seem much smaller than it actually is.

You may make better use of the space in your cupboards by keeping your junk inside of them in containers and baskets. Make sure that none of the counters contain anything that is merely decorative.

Plumbing-related issues

Large plumbing fixtures might also give the impression that the space is crowded and small. Think about replacing the large vanity with a pedestal sink. The mentioned storage option will be lost if you select this alternative, though.

Replace a seldom-used tub with a modern, glass-enclosed shower.

Small bathrooms don’t have to be congested or uninspiring. With little work and (very frequently) little financial and time commitment, you may create a warm and personal atmosphere.

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