What Color Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on October 5, 2022

Since you’ve been a resident of your house for so long, the interior has been entirely reflective of your preferences and personal tastes. However, once you decide to sell, everything is different. You don’t want a personalized house right now. You need a neutral home that potential buyers can picture themselves living in.

Your realtor will give you advice on the various modifications you can make to your home to make it more marketable and less personal. Your realtor can suggest painting the walls in addition to decluttering, removing sentimental artwork from the wall, and getting rid of superfluous furniture.

A new coat of paint will transform the look of the house, making it appear clean, pristine, and unblemished. But no matter how many nail holes you fill, the paint color is the only thing that prospective homebuyers would notice.

Do they feel welcomed there? Is it attractive? Or will they need to paint over before moving in? When looking at your home, potential buyers ask themselves all of these questions. By selecting the proper hue, you can avoid these problems altogether.

Are you feeling lost? Never be! You will always get it right if you pick from our list of the most pleasing color schemes for selling a house.

How many shades of paint should I use?

Regardless if they’re all neutrals, you should generally limit your color palette to as few hues as you can. Your home will feel more coherent overall if you use the same hue in several different places. Due to the smooth transition from one room to the next, it also gives the impression that your house is larger. Utilizing a single color of paint will also help you save money because purchasing your paint in bulk is far less expensive than buying many gallons of various colors.

You should apply the same paint color throughout an open space arrangement, such as a living room/dining room combo or a kitchen that opens into the main room. You can add some variation with different colors to isolated rooms that are not a part of the main living space, like restrooms or bedrooms. But keep in mind that neutrals are still the greatest interior paint colors for selling a house, even in these rooms.

What Color Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

Use Caution with White Color

White may appear to be the greatest option for a number of reasons. It is bright, and neutral, and makes the space appear larger. And it is one of 2022’s leading design trends. However, white is notoriously difficult to do properly.

Very few “pure” white paints exist. Mostly every white has either a cold or a warm undertone. The icy undertones might give off an uninviting, sterile vibe in a space. Warm undertones can have a dingy or even filthy quality.

Still, if you choose the proper hue, white can make your home appear larger, brighter, and more desirable to buyers.

Maintain Neutrals

Your best bet is to stay neutral. Even if a prospective buyer doesn’t adore your particular shade of gray, they won’t feel pressured to paint it over like they might with, say, pink. You intend for them to feel as if they can move right in without any effort at all, or very little effort if you’re selling your house as-is.

Additionally, you want interested customers to visualize their home and furniture furnishings in your residence. When the background is neutral, they can accomplish this far more readily. Although you could come across a buyer who shares your love of orange, the greatest interior paint colors for selling your home are neutral hues that will appeal to a wide audience.


When painting your home to sell, go with neutral or earthy tones, however white, beige, greys, or even off-white colors can be used. You can also use neutral tones of blue or green depending on the room (like in the kitchen). You should also avoid using white in the restroom.

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