The Hostess City Of The South: Reasons Why Moving To Savannah GA Is For You

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on July 14, 2021

Most people only see Savannah as the oldest city in Georgia. However, this place is so much more than that. The place has so much to offer and you can probably see yourself living harmoniously! Here are some of the reasons why moving to Savannah GA, the Hostess City of the South, will be one of the best decisions in your life. 

History is Preserved

Being the oldest city is a title worth preserving and that’s what Savannah does until now. Just walk around downtown, and you’ll spot its old buildings, alongside its beautiful architecture and Spanish moss cover, which will leave you breathless. Awe you more by traversing the cobblestone street and passing by 22 parklike squares and the Savannah Historic District. 

If you’re leaning more toward the art side, it’s also nice to stroll by the Historic Savannah Theater to watch a play, musical, or concert. You may also visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to know the pivotal role of the city in the Civil War and discover more beautiful architecture

The Houses are Undeniably Amazing

The Savannah Historic District is the area that catches the attention of visitors. Unknown to many, the neighboring communities are where you’ll find stunning homes. One of the places you should explore and look at is Waterways. It houses eye-catching Southern homes and truly poses an elegant vibe with its clean pedestrian paths, gated entrances, and community gardens. 

If you want to stray away from your noisy neighbors with their endless house parties, this community is perfect for you. Its coastal lifestyle poses a laidback lifestyle that will relax both your mind and body. 

A Friendly Place with a Low Cost of Living

Don’t take Southern hospitality for granted. The city of Savannah is known to be one of the friendliest cities in the world, and its residents truly show that. When you pass by the streets, you’ll only hear laughter and happiness. They’re pretty accommodating to visitors as well, that’s why most tourists come back the second time around. 

Research says that most people radiate this friendliness because they’re happy with the way they’re living. This can mostly be attributed to the affordable living they’re experiencing. The cost of living here is known to be 6 to 8 percent lower compared to the national average. Their average home price ranges from $250,000 to $400,000 on average, which is 5% lower than the average in the whole of Georgia. 

This low cost of living takes alleviates a lot of stress. This is one of the main reasons why the population in this city is growing steadily since 2010. 

Aside from that, Savannah ranks 8th on the list of the top places that most people moved to.  It is undeniably the best place for you to settle and live peacefully.

The Food Will Capture Your Soul

Who can resist the amazing flavors of Southern cuisine? Energize your day in Savannah with freshly baked biscuits with some gravy on the side and end your tiring day with their unique offering of warm peach cobbler. Their restaurants are also famous for their smoked lamb, fried chicken, ribeye, and meatloaf. 

They’re also not just known for their entrees, but you should also save some space in your stomach for their exciting desserts. Drop by the legendary Leopold’s Ice Cream and taste the exquisiteness of their handmade frozen treat that has stood the test of time since 1919. 

The Hostess City Of The South: Reasons Why Moving To Savannah GA Is For You

Beaches Are A Must-Visit

If you want an everyday adventure, you must consider moving to Savannah GA. Their beaches are at an arm’s-length from houses and you can go there anytime you want to unwind and feel the sand. 

For a more exclusive beach experience, Tybee Island will definitely capture your heart. It is a barrier island near Savannah and it is famous for its sandy beaches and surfing terrain. This amazing island is only 20 minutes away from the center of the city and you can invite your friends and family anytime for a quick getaway. 

It Offers Great Schools

As mentioned above, Savannah is a town known for its love of arts. With this, they make sure to cultivate the talents of their residents through the famous Savannah College of Art and Design. Their graduates have excelled in their own fields and have made hallmarks in the art industry. 

Contrary to popular belief, this city also has a vast school offering 20+ elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 10 high schools. They also take pride in their four prestigious colleges – South University, Savannah State University, Savannah College, and Armstrong Atlantic State University. Definitely, moving to Savannah GA is worth it!

Job Opportunities Are Endless

If your main concern is stability, don’t fear. Savannah houses great job opportunities, especially in industries that are at the forefront of the city’s economy – the port of Savannah, military, tourism, and manufacturing. Some people might wonder how these industries are critical in the city. You’ll be surprised to know that this place welcomes more or less 12 million visitors per year, totaling to the spending of $2.5 billion. 

Because of these opportunities, the city reported that its unemployment rate is gradually decreasing and is now catering to more business opportunities. 

Savannah is also preparing to be a technological powerhouse in the country. The Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) aims to boost the city and region’s technological industry. This does not only revolve around the gaming and internet industry, but also includes innovation in other areas like aerospace, healthcare, and manufacturing. With this, SEDA wants the best of the best to spearhead this initiative and they are relying on the relocation program to hire tech workers. 

The organization will shoulder all costs, particularly vehicle rental, service charges, gasoline, and utility deposits, to lure 50 tech workers. They are envisioned to help in this technological advancement aimed to come up with viable business solutions to help companies like Uber, Delta Airlines, NASA, Coca-Cola, and Google, to thrive in the technological world. 

Bottom Line

Savannah has various things to offer that will definitely give you a high quality of life. This is why more and more people are creating a new life in this wonderful city.  If you are art-savvy, a history buff, a laid-back person, or just plainly want a peaceful yet exciting life, then moving to Savannah GA will definitely complete you. 

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