The Best Parks in Canton, GA

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on May 23, 2016

Best parks in Canton

I have a 3 year old who has ENDLESS amounts of energy.  I admit, sometimes on rainy days I take him to McDonalds just so that he can burn off some energy in the playland.  Mamas need downtime too!  So I thought I’d do a round up of the best parks in Canton where I like to take the kiddos when the weather is glorious, like it’s been the past few days.  By the way, he REEEEALLY wants to thank you all for making this post possible since he gets to be my guinea pig.

Blankets Creek Bike Trails

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.15.31 PM

This is a park for walkers and bike riders of many ability levels.  I still have my toddler in a baby seat on my bike and I’m not sure a preschooler on a small bike with training wheels would be able to navigate these off road trails, so I’d say it’s probably appropriate for ages 7 and up if they’re riding their own bikes.  Though it doesn’t have a playground, it’s tons of fun and really is one of the best parks in Canton.

This park is free and it’s on Sixes Road about two miles from the I-575 on-ramp.  There are beginner trails all the way to expert, along with an area for the people who like doing tricks.  The trails go through the woods so it’s shady and cool (yay!) and there are little bridges that go across streams and ditches.  It’s definitely “off roading” so it’s fun and bumpy and adventurous.


The trails I do are strictly beginner – ever tried peddling uphill on a beach cruiser with a 40 lb. kiddo along for the ride?  It’s a workout, let me tell you!  But my 11 year old daughter LOVES this park, especially the small hills here and there.  And my 3 year old thinks it’s awesome, especially since he’s not doing any of the work.


J.B. Owens Park



This is a newly opened playground that my kids adore.  It’s big, clean, has bathrooms and bike paths, benches in the shade for those watching the kids, and plenty of play structures and swings.  It’s on Hickory Rd. between New Light Rd. and Harmony on the Lakes.  While not technically in the Hickory Flat area, it’s pretty darned close.

Kids can bring their bikes and scooters and ride around the perimeter of the park on a nice, wide bike path.  And there’s a Bruster’s Ice Cream a mile or two down Hickory Rd. on the right in case anyone’s up for a treat afterwards!


The last two times I’ve been there police officers have cruised into the parking lot, got out, walked around looking for evidence of vandalism, and just made their presence known.  This is in a terrific area of town and I think it’s great that they’re there to make sure this park stays clean and undamaged.


BridgeMill Neighborhood park


This is in the BridgeMill subdivision and is for the use of its residents, but those of you who live there are lucky to have such a great playground in your own backyard!  (Click here for my blog post on BridgeMill and why it’s awesome!) This really is one of the best parks in Canton.  We’ve gone there a few times for playdates with friends and it’s huge.  It even has a “zipline” (that’s what my daughter calls it, although it’s more like monkey bars that move.)  I like that it’s on sand so when the kids fall they get some cushioning.  Lots of shade (are you seeing a theme here?  I have more freckles than anyone I know and once it gets above 78 I start whining about how hot it is, so shade is my friend.)


Honorable Mention – Hobgood Park

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.32.06 PM

Yes, I know, it’s not in Canton.  But it’s right next door in Woodstock on Bells Ferry Rd.  We went there a lot before J.B. Owens opened.  Good sized playground with shade and tables where many a Dunkin’ Donut has been eaten while watching my toddler run around, bathrooms, walking trails, people walking their dogs, and several baseball fields where we would grab a spot in the bleachers and watch a game for a while.  There’s also a horseshoe pit somewhere, although I’ve never seen exactly where it is.




What do you think, do you agree with my list?  Which parks are your favorites and why?

Karin Carr is a REALTOR® with Keller Williams.  She lives in Canton and her office is in Woodstock behind the Chik-Fil-A Dwarf House on 92.  She has been proudly serving buyers and sellers since 2005.  

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