Summertime And The Outdoor Living Are Easy

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on July 8, 2019

If you’ve ever watched home and garden TV shows you may be dreaming of your own backyard makeover.

With a truckload of dirt, the outdoor designer transforms backyards into cozy relaxation areas, resort-like pool areas, or elaborate outdoor kitchens.

Backyard design techniques are similar to those used when designing interior spaces, with an emphasis on function, comfort, and style.

So, toss out the dinky, grease-stained charcoal barbecue and plastic lawn furniture and bring those backyard transformation dreams to life.

Dreaming of an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens became popular a couple of years ago and the trend sees no end in sight. Sure, we’re still barbecuing, but now we’re an arm’s reach away from smaller versions of our kitchen appliances.

Along with those appliances, many homeowners are demanding a sink with running water, food prep areas, and, quite often, a large stone oven.

Cooking utensils

With the correct grill, you can host successful outdoor cookouts and barbecue parties.

If your patio is small, invest in a tabletop barbecue. There are stainless steel gas grills available that are fully equipped with a sink and even a refrigerator for individuals who aren’t on a tight budget or space restriction. You may even select from a large selection of tiles, countertops, and bases to make your grill unique and complement the color scheme of your room.

Where will we eat?

Do you remember the patio furniture that we had when we were younger? The standard fare was either picnic tables or seats made of plastic to go with a low-cost plastic table.

What a transformation can occur in just a few decades! In today’s typical backyard, one can frequently find a separate dining area replete with enticing furnishings. Possibly you yearn for a gazebo that can withstand all kinds of weather as the cherry on top.

Summertime And The Outdoor Living Are Easy

When it comes to dining “al fresco,” the dining areas that are located outside are the stars of the show. The possibilities for illumination that we’ve seen include things like candles strategically placed throughout the area, twinkling lights strung between the branches of the trees, and crackling fires in an outdoor fireplace.

Water features

A water feature in the garden can transform even the smallest space into a serene oasis. Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds are just a few of the features homeowners are adding to their backyard retreats.

Find inspiration for your backyard water feature at,, and


Certain aspects of gardens have long been well-suited for use in outdoor living spaces. A garden’s center point can be a large shade tree, which not only offers welcome relief from the heat of the sun in the summer but also creates captivating silhouettes in the winter.

The interior of the house can be kept cooler during the warm summer months by strategically placing shade trees, which can result in lower monthly utility costs. They say that shade trees planted on the east side of the house minimize morning heat, and that when planted on the west and southwest side of the home, they prevent heat buildup from the afternoon sun. These claims come from the specialists at Colorado State University.

Gardens and yards have always played a vital part in American homes, but more and more people now see them as serving a much larger purpose than simply as places for children and pets to run around and play.

Yards are increasingly being seen as extensions of the home and are being outfitted as though they were additional rooms. What more effective technique could there be to entice you, while you are at home, to relax?

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