Home Landscape Idea For Autumn Sale

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on September 16, 2020

How does an extra 5 to 11% of your home’s selling price sound? Michigan State University researchers found that “… a good landscape adds 5 to 11% to the perceived value of a home.”
Your landscaping is one part of your home’s “curb appeal,” and if it’s attractive and eye-catching, it can go a long way to distracting potential homebuyers from other, negative aspects of the home’s exterior.
And the appearance of the exterior is critical when it comes to compelling potential buyers to want to see what’s inside the home.
Let’s take a look at your front yard and the home landscape idea that the researchers suggest increasing the value of the home.

Sophisticated designs add the most value

Sophisticated landscaping is balanced. The researchers explain balance in a landscape where “… no element overwhelms the others.”

The hardscape (anything that isn’t growing, such as a birdbath, statuary, etc.) is in balance with the natural elements and the number of large trees doesn’t overwhelm the number of shrubs and other plants.

The survey found that a home with only a lawn in the front yard, offered at $300,000 would bring $315,000 to $330,000 if the landscaping was more sophisticated. Getting an outdoor fountain in your yard adds value to your home!

Diversity isn’t only about people

The diversity of landscape elements was second on the list of most valuable features, according to the Michigan State University study.

Balance the colors, of plants and hardscapes, to achieve this diversity.

Add pops of color to break up the monotony of an all-green landscape or, in autumn, all the fall colors. If your trees are gold and maroon, add some white flowering annuals, or blue hardscaping (a birdbath, colored gravel or cobalt planting pots, etc).

Home Landscape Idea For Autumn Sale
Inspector / Pixabay

Big trees are popular

Any tree on the property will add value to the home, according to an Arbor Day Foundation study. In fact, the study found a 15% increase in home value when trees are present. This is one of the most popular home landscape ideas for homeowners.

Evergreen and deciduous decorative trees and shrubs can be planted in the fall, according to landscape expert Janice Parker. Japanese maples, particularly the cut leaf weepers, Sargent crabapples, and weeping cherries are among the trees that operate excellently, according to the expert.

She adds that resilient boxwood, Delaware Valley White azaleas, and Mt. Fire Andromeda will also thrive well in cold weather circumstances if you’re seeking broadleaf evergreen foliage. She continues, “Evergreens like birds nest spruce and hinoki cypress can be planted in containers.”

Just keep in mind that over the winter, these pots will need watering and close attention—especially when there is no snow.

Some landscape elements detract from the home’s value

When selecting plants for the front yard, keep in mind that homebuyers prefer yards with a variety of large plants rather than yards with only a few little plants. If this characterizes your yard, you should seriously consider purchasing at least one tree that is quite tall. It is possible that this will assist you to keep the asking price that you have set for the home.

In terms of curb appeal, the landscaping of your front yard is one of the most significant parts, despite the fact that it is not the be-all and end-all of the topic.

In the near future, we will talk about more ways to spruce up the exterior of the property so that potential buyers will get out of their cars and enter the house.

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