Selling Your Home? 3 Things You Need To Do During The Week Leading Up To Closing

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on July 22, 2020

The week before your home sale closes will be packed with activity. Not only will you be finishing up your preparation for the move, but you’ll also need to get the home ready for the buyer.

Here are the three most important things you’ll need to do to ensure that the closing isn’t held up.

1. Gather important documents and other materials for the buyer

The day Martha stepped through the threshold of her first home was exciting, to say the least. As she toured it through new homeowner eyes, however, it didn’t seem the same as when she toured it through starry, house-hunter eyes.

But, there on the kitchen counter was a lone garage door opener and a key. She assumed the key would fit into one of the boxes in the community’s bank of them down the street.

But, which one? It took several back-and-forth phone calls, over the course of about a week, to finally determine that her mailbox was number 5. And her mail had stacked up considerably during that time.

So, the moral of that story is to yes, leave the mailbox key but leave a note describing which mailbox the key fits.

Other items to remember to leave for the buyer include:

  • Garage door openers
  • Landscape irrigation system instructions
  • Pool/spa operating manual
  • Security system instructions

2. Complete all of the buyer’s requests

If any non-fixtures were included in the sale, set them aside so that they aren’t accidentally packed for your move. In fact, put a note on the item or items so that movers and family members understand that the items are to remain in the home or garage.

Selling Your Home? 3 Things You Need To Do During The Week Leading Up To Closing

Often, buyers request that the seller remove certain items from the home. This may include things you have stored on the side of the house, an above-ground pool, and appliances.

Ensure that these items and any other personal property are removed from the home before you begin cleaning.

3. Time to clean

Buyers are told to expect the home to be “broom clean” and most sellers haven’t a clue as to what this means.

At a minimum, you should:

  • Wipe down the insides of cupboards
  • Sweep and wash the floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Remove trash from the property (even if this means making a dump run)

Some buyers expect the oven and the interior of the refrigerator to be clean as well.

Finally, plan on leaving the utilities in your name until the sale is finalized. Selling your home is a tedious job. The buyer will perform a final walk-through of the home just before closing and will want to ensure that the major systems are working.

What should you bring on the date of the closing?

You won’t need to bring much with you to the closing; often, all that is required is a photo identification card provided by the government, the keys to the property, and any further documentation or documents that your attorney or escrow agent tells you to bring. Documents indicating that you’ve made all of the repairs requested by the customer can fall under this category.

How long does it take to complete the process of closing?

According to, the overall closing process takes an average of fifty days to complete, beginning with the acceptance of the initial offer and ending with the closing date.

In a conventional transaction, the loan will be originated and underwritten by the buyer’s lending institution. The lender must go through this laborious and time-consuming process in order to establish whether or not the buyer is eligible for the loan. One of the most significant factors that can cause a closing to be delayed is the underwriting process.

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