Moving Out Of State – Relocating Out Of Savannah

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on May 16, 2018

Are you going to be moving out of state well that’s what we are talking about today and we are starting right now? Hey everyone welcome back to my blog I’m Karin Carr, a Realtor with Keller Williams in Savannah Georgia, I talk about all kinds of cool things real estate related in the Savannah area. Are you going to be moving out of state? Well, we’re sorry to see you go but there are some things that you need to know that will make your life much easier.

Number one.

If you have a house to sell you need to start getting it ready to put on the market so start doing all of the little things that were on your honey-do list that just tend to pile up that never you never get around to it perhaps you need to scrub your front door or even paint it plant some flowers in the front make the curb appeal as appealing to new buyers as possible

.Number two.

You’re going to want to hire a real estate agent that can get your house sold in the least amount of time for as much money as possible. If your goal is to have a big profit to put as a down payment on your house when you get to your new area then you’re going to want to make that house look as perfect as possible with nothing to fix, no items left to be done on that honey-do list so a buyer can visualize themselves moving straight into that house and offering you top dollar for it.

If your goal is to sell it as quickly as possible then you’re going to want to be more aggressive with your price so maybe if everyone else in your neighborhood is listed at $290,000 you’re going to offer yours for $278,000. If you can price it below your competition then that’s obviously going to make it more attractive to buyers so depending on whether you’re trying to make the biggest profit or sell in the least amount of time will help you come up with a strategy and the best way to do that.

Number three.

Start packing up your entire stuff soon even if a company is going to pay to relocate you. Start packing up all of the personal photos, the knickknacks anything that would be considered clutter and you know what I’m talking about stuff that just accumulates around your house we live there so we don’t notice it but if I can’t see a single flat surface on any counter or shelf or bookcase because there’s just stuff everywhere start packing it up now it’s gonna go any way you may as well. Make your house look bigger and cleaner while it’s for sale.

Number four.

When you are getting bids from moving companies learn from my example, one time my husband and I moved from one state to another we had to pay for our own moving expenses I got bids and one bid came in at half the price of everybody else so, of course, I decided that’s what we were going with. When I told the other moving companies, they all said you need to read the fine print and there’s a reason why their price is so much cheaper than everybody else. They are not doing something for you or they are cutting corners somewhere there’s simply no way that they can provide that service at that price but I thought no I know everything.  I did my research you guys are just mad that I didn’t hire you I’m going with that company that was a mistake in the end.  The fine print was even though we say we’re coming to pack you up on Friday, We’re gonna drive to the new state and we’re gonna deliver it on Monday morning. We don’t actually have to deliver it on Monday morning in fact we’ll deliver it when it’s convenient for us so to make.

To cut a long story short, my family and I lived in an empty house with no furniture, no towels no plates, no silverware, no blankets, and no pillows all we had was a suitcase with three days’ worth of clothes and some toiletries. We lived in that empty house for about three weeks before the movers finally showed up with our stuff had I known that was a possibility I would have brought paper plates, napkins, a blow-up mattress, towels, sheets, and blankets but no they did not tell me that that was a possibility so I didn’t prepare for that my mistake, Lesson learned.  So when you’re getting bids from the moving companies be sure that you are reading the fine print and seeing exactly what they offer and if one bid is significantly less than everybody else you’re gonna want to drill down and find out why exactly is this so much cheaper it could be a very legitimate reason but in my case, I found out that we got the shaft.

I help people relocate to Savannah every day but I can also help you relocate out of Savannah when you know what city you’re going to let me help you find a real estate agent who can help you in your new city I’m proud to be with Keller Williams that we have a hundred and eighty thousand real estate agents worldwide and I know a lot of people across the country so when you know where you’re going. If you need help finding an agent that can take good care of you please reach out to me I’d be delighted to put you in touch with somebody that can help you in your new area.

Now your next step is to find out what exactly you can sell your house for so you know how much money you’ll have to pay for your moving expenses and to put as a down payment on a new house. If you decide to buy when you get there if you’re not sure just click right here and you can head on over to my website go to the home evaluation page put in some info about your house and I’d be happy to tell you what I think it’s worth with no obligation.  Thank you so much!

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