How To Clean Your Ceramic Cooktop

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on November 2, 2020

Americans have had a love affair with smooth cooktops since the 1970s when they were first introduced. At that time, the cooktops were created from pyro ceramic glass — the same material as Corningware dishes. This material was replaced with less brittle glass-ceramic in the 1990s.

While glass ceramic cooktops lend a sleek, modern silhouette to the kitchen, they have different care requirements than conventional stovetops.

While you won’t need to dig around burners and drip pans, you do need to use caution to avoid scratching the cooktop and you may need to clean it more frequently. Check out this article to learn some hacks and tips on how to clean your ceramic cooktop.

Which cleaning products to use

Avoid using abrasive cleaners and rough scouring pads, which may damage the surface. Products such as bleach, ammonia, and oven cleaner may cause discoloring.

The ideal product to use to clean the glass ceramic cooktop is one that is manufactured expressly for that purpose. Read your owner’s manual for a recommendation or consider one of the following products:

How to clean your ceramic cooktop

Light stains and spills are easy to clean up if you attend to them as soon as possible.

  • Wait until the cooktop is completely cool.
  • Pour a few drops of the cleaner onto the surface.
  • Use a cleaning pad (included with some of the products) or a clean, soft cloth to wipe the soiled area clean.

To remove heavy stains:

  • Use a cooktop scraper (included with some of the aforementioned products) or a metal razor blade scraper, at a 30-degree angle, to lightly scrape the soil from the surface.
  • Wipe up the loosened debris.
  • Apply a few drops of the cleaner and rub the cooktop with the cleaning pad until it’s clean.
  • Buff the surface of the cooktop with a clean microfiber cloth.

Melted plastic or spills of foods that contain a lot of sugar may require special treatment:

  • Don’t wait for the cooktop to cool – these stains require immediate removal.
  • Protect your hands with oven mitts.
  • Use the scraper or razor blade to scrape the stain from the cooktop.
  • Immediately wipe away the loosened debris.
  • Allow the cooktop to cool and then clean it with the cooktop cleaner and a cleaning pad.
How To Clean Your Ceramic Cooktop

How to Keep Your Stovetop Shiny and Clean

Keeping the ceramic surface of your stovetop clean and bright shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. All that is required of you is to maintain a cleaning regimen on a daily basis and polish the surface until it is shiny and smooth. Once you’ve established a regimen, you should always be able to maintain the cleanliness of your stovetop.

  • When cleaning your glass ceramic cooktops, you should avoid using abrasive cleansers and products such as an acidic oven cleaner or steel wool because they have the potential to leave scratches on the surface.
  • If you want to avoid food crystallizing on the surface of a glass cooktop, you should clean it every day.
  • When cleaning your stovetop, make sure to only use cleaning products and solutions that are safe for contact with food.
  • After cleaning, rub and polish your stovetop with a microfiber cloth to give it a shiny finish without leaving fibers or fingerprints behind.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills before they have a chance to solidify. Because of this, the food particles that fall onto the stovetop will not solidify, which is especially helpful for melted cheese, sugar, syrup, and thick sauces.

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