Easy Ways To Add More Color To Your Home

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on February 13, 2019

The completion of home improvement projects did not make the cut for the top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions that Americans have made for 2019. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take on one or two this year, especially if the work you do makes it easier to unwind while you’re at home.

And even if it’s simply in subtle ways, switching around the color can accomplish that very goal.


In most cases, the fear of making mistakes is what prevents homeowners from experimenting with color in their own homes. Many of us still clench our teeth when it’s time to choose a hue that we can live with, despite having learned the color wheel and everything there is to know about complementary colors when we were youngsters.

We searched the internet for tips on how to pick a hue that you can not only get used to but also take pleasure in having around you.

A good place to start

If you spend too much time doing it, looking at paint chips can be really stressful. Some experts in the field believe that doing your search for a paint color over the course of brief periods of time is the most effective approach to get started.

Don’t let the process cause you to become bogged down in thought, whether you’re examining color options on Pinterest or other internet sites or standing in front of the paint chip rack at Home Depot.

Grab the swatch or save it to a color folder that you build on your computer whenever you come across a hue that catches your eye and makes you feel something. Try not to worry about the procedure too much. The plan is for you to act in accordance with your initial reaction.

Easy Ways To Add More Color To Your Home

Save it if it says anything like “I kind of like that one.” You will consider it again in the future when it is time to select fewer options. The next thing you should do is take it a step further by selecting a lighter and a darker shade of the same color.

When viewed on the walls, colors appear to be more vibrant than when viewed on a small chip. Tiffany Carboni, a contributor to Houzz, is advised by color expert Amy Krane that “you may be surprised by which you finally opt for.”

What to do with your new color

The choices are plenty. Consider:

  • Painting an accent wall. Remember, this wall will become the room’s focal point, so choose your wall carefully.
  • Make use of it as an accessory. Consider accessorizing your fireplace mantel or coffee table with pieces that feature your new color if you want to ease into using it. Pillows for the sofa, a throw, or even an area rug are some additional options. The latter is especially helpful in rooms that are on the smaller side because rugs have a way of making even limited space look cozier.
  • Painting your new color only on the trim of your home. It’s always exciting to see unexpected splashes of color.

When it comes to house decorating, color is like a magic pill. Either it will make the area seem clean, fresh, and invigorated, or it will make the area feel more relaxed. Everything is dependent on the option that you pick.

You may get ideas and inspiration online at websites such as HGTV.com, BHG.com, and ApartmentTherapy.com. The latter website is especially helpful if you want to add color to your house without having to pick up a paintbrush.

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