Don’t Let Cosmetics Keep You From The Home Of Your Dreams

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on November 15, 2021

Most real estate agents who’ve been in the business for any amount of time will tell you that it is far too easy to fall in love with a home. It’s not wise but sometimes it can’t be helped and once it snags you, it’s over – you’re going to buy it.

The flipside is homebuyers who fall in hate with a home. The minute they step through the door something disagreeable hits their senses and they can’t get out of the home fast enough.

Every day we watch clients get turned off by ugly furniture or icky paint colors or they get hooked by clever home staging, throwing their common sense to the wind and either buying or turning down a home for all the wrong reasons.

Read on to become forewarned so you can shop smart for your next home.

Wall color

There are books written about the psychology of color – that’s how important it is in marketing anything for sale. Smart home stagers understand this concept and choose wall colors that will appeal to the emotions of the masses.

It’s a challenge to look beyond this tactic, whether the colors are amazing or downright ugly. I’ve actually sold homes that had nothing that the buyer claims he or she wanted, but the wall colors were appealing.

Whether you love the color or despise it, keep in mind that it’s just painted and for less than $1,000 you can repaint a 1,000-square-foot home.

Look beyond the color to what is truly important- is there enough square footage, is the flow right, does the community offer the amenities you require?

Don’t Let Cosmetics Keep You From The Home Of Your Dreams


The fact that stagers are experts in deception is one of the primary reasons why staging a property is such a good idea. However, it could feel like a trap to the people who are buying it. If you have ever rented an apartment or purchased a home that was recently built, you almost certainly went to look at the model units first, right?

Many prospective buyers and tenants have been persuaded to rent or buy based purely on the model’s appearance. The furnishings are typically the deciding factor, but it is a mix of all three aspects that are discussed in this essay.

Then, when the time comes to move into your new home, you are confronted with the harsh fact that your furniture does not in any way make your home appear like a model home.

The little things

Home stagers have access to a warehouse stocked with a variety of staging props, including mirrors, cushions, throws, rugs, and more. The interior design is brought to life by the use of these seemingly insignificant elements, known as accessories.

Again, regardless of how you feel about them, they may try to communicate with you. As was mentioned previously, it is essential to look past these alluring features and consider the “bones” of the house instead.

Homes are selling at a rapid pace despite the hot state of the property market. It’s not hard to get carried away in the excitement of the moment. You need to remind yourself to take a few slow, deep breaths and look at the house with an objective perspective.

When you move in, every piece of furniture and accessory will no longer be there. You will be left with a house that is either functional for your needs or one that is not.

If you can learn to control your heart and emotions, you’ll be able to find the person who is ideal for you.

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