Tips For Preparing Children For Out-Of-State Relocation

Karin Carr, Owner
Published on February 19, 2019

Moving with children is more difficult than relocating on your own. While you worry about the cost of relocation, your children have worries of their own. Understanding those worries is the first step in preparing your children for out-of-state relocation. We can be preoccupied with finding a good moving company or making plans for the move. In all this commotion, we often forget to think about how our children feel. Besides, it is not always easy to know what your kids are feeling. To get a better picture, you need to watch them all the time and check their reactions.

With this in mind, we have prepared some tips that should help you out in preparing children for out-of-state relocation.

Talk about the move

Talking with your kids goes without saying. Nevertheless, we have to point out the importance of having them in this conversation. If you decided to move, chances are that you made that decision without your kids. Not knowing how they feel will have negative consequences. They might choose to be quiet about it, and this can only cause issues in the future. Instead, have it out in the open. Ask them what they think about the relocation, and whether they would like to move or not.

If your kids don’t like this idea, try to find out why. Also, try to explain why you decided to move. Children are often more adults than we think they are, and they can understand more.

This way you are actually preparing children for out-of-state relocation.

Consider the age of your kids

There is a big difference between moving with toddlers and teenagers. Older children have their own habits and friends, and it might be more difficult for them to move. If your kids are shy, or if they need more time to make friends, chances are they will not be so thrilled with the idea of moving. On the other hand, they have more understanding. Whatever the case is, you have to show them that you understand how they feel.

Moving with toddlers

When you talk about moving with toddlers, keep the explanations short and simple. Try not to confuse them too much, since they will probably feel that way due to all the commotion in the house. It is important to help your toddlers feel safe. Smart advice is to use toys to act out the relocation. Children like visual signs, so have them imagine the moving process as a story. Also, try not to make any large changes during this process. If it is possible, keep the furniture from their room and bring it to the new house. Arrange it in the same way so it feels familiar. 

Moving with elementary school kids

The most important part here is to find a good school for your kids. Gather all the information and present it to them, so it doesn’t feel strange and unknown. Explain to your kids that they will meet new friends. If it is possible, pay a visit to the school before the move. Also, to avoid any stress, you need to gather all paperwork for your kids, like report cards, birth certificates, and such.

Tips For Preparing Children For Out-Of-State Relocation

Moving with teenagers

Here is where you will have more problems than usual. Teenagers are in a way formed persons. They are a part of their community and have friends, social activities, and romantic relationships. Losing all of that to move to a new environment is not something they will like. Teenagers are known to rebel more, and you have to be very sensitive in this case. Make sure they see that you understand their concerns, but explain to them that this is good preparation for going off to college. They have to learn to make compromises. Life will be much easier if they are adaptive to changes.

Kids’ concerns about moving

If you ever asked yourself what your children’s fears about moving are, here is what you can expect in most cases:

  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of not being able to fit in in the new environment
  • sadness for leaving their home
  • fear of losing or not having friends
  • stress-related issues when transferring to a new school

These are all real issues, and they need to be addressed rather sooner than later. There are some great ways to address these issues when preparing children for out-of-state relocation.

Decide together when to move

If your kids need some time to adjust to the fact that you are relocating, you can decide together on the date. Do not rush them, and the whole transition will be more comfortable. When moving out of Georgia to another state, ask your kids where they would like to live. If you don’t have a destination already set, this is a great way to involve them in the process. You should all sit together and plan the relocation. It’s an excellent way to bring the family together.

Involve your kids in the moving preparations

Finding Verified Movers should be your number one priority. Involve your children in the moving process. Let them be the decision-makers, and ask them for their opinion. If they see that their word matters and they have a part in the relocation, they will be more open to speaking up about any issues. Encourage them to talk to you about their fears and concerns. This is an important aspect of preparing children for out-of-state relocation.

Let your kids be creative

Another excellent way to help your kids with the relocation process is to let them plan their new rooms. If you bring the creativity out of your children, they will feel happy. Let them feel excited about something new and fun. 

Always encourage your kids to stay in touch with their friends

One of the most important aspects of moving with kids is to encourage them to stay in touch with their friends. Let them know that moving to another state does not mean saying goodbye forever. They can stay in touch online, and you can organize visits or vacations in your old city. Preparing children for out-of-state relocation is challenging. However, if you use this approach and stay in touch, the entire transition will be much easier!

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